Dun Laoghiare-Rathdown Recycling Christmas Decoration Competition

Dun Laoghiare-Rathdown Recycling Christmas Decoration Competition

Amazing and creative decorations for the Dun Laoghiare-Rathdown Recycling Christmas Decoration Competition. There were so many fantastic entries to our competition this year that we selected 3 winners to represent Mount Anville in this years Competition! So our first winner is Sophie Kelly. 

Sophie created a snowman as shown in the picture to the right. Sophie used recycled egg cups, plastic bottles, forks, buttons, straws & string to create her beautiful snowman! Well done Sophie and good luck in the competition. 

Our second joint winner for this years competition is Louise Hanley who created Christmas bauble balls using old Light bulbs! Louise had the bright idea to paint old lightbulbs different colours to create Christmas bauble characters that can be hung from your Christmas tree! Louise made four different bauble characters and used different felts to add hats to her Christmas baubles! Great job Louise! 

Our third joint winner is Eirinn Doyle who created a beautiful snowman using recycled water cups, floppy disks, smoke alarm packaging and paper! Eirinn was extremely resourceful and did a great job creating this wonderful snowman! Well done Eirinn

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