Daily Task

Daily Task

Day 2: Show us your new 'home' work station

Check out our photo gallery below of our friends and teachers working away at their new 'work stations'..... some are doing PE, Library time and even some Home Ec!!!

The link below is a little message from Ms Kavanagh giving a short tour of her home office space.


Day 1: Make someone SMILE

Think of someone who you cannot visit, maybe it is your grandparent, aunty, cousin, family friend. This person may be feeling a little lonely because they cannot have any visitors. You are going to use your power to make them smile and give them a happy moment. Think of a song that Ms Sarah has taught you or maybe a poem that Ms Fiana has taught you. Ask a parent to record your song or poem and send it to that special person. I am quite sure that your special person will smile and get a ‘great buzz’ from your video message. You may get a message or phone call from that special person. That will make you smile also.

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