Special Visitors

Special Visitors

Today we had a special visit from some very important people! Gardai Ivan, Rosemary, Shauna and Jamie came to our school to talk to us all about the work the Gardai do and to give us some tips on how to stay safe, particularly over Halloween. We learnt that we must be careful when we are in our costumes out trick or treating and not to be near any fires or fireworks. We also discussed how to protect our elderly neighbours (from Covid) and our pets (from noise) during this busy time.

We got to see their uniforms and badges, walkie talkies and batons and they even rang the siren in their car. It's very loud!

Mr Rat helped demonstrate what we should do if we see someone about to do something silly or heading towards danger....'Stop'

They even reminded us of the emergency numbers (999) and (112) - a handy way to remember this one is to visualise 'mouth, nose and two eyes'!!!

It was a really interesting and informative visit.

Be careful this Halloween, stay safe but enjoy the fun.

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