STEAM Term is here.

We may not be in the School building but we are still in School, so its full STEAM ahead!

The amazing Professor Luke O'Neill launched STEAM term on Wednesday, 13th January.

A hugely interactive and enjoyable discussion, Professor O'Neill gave us a fantastic insight into his work, the immune system, Coronavirus and so much more.

Almost 400 students attended the assembly via Zoom and there were truly amazing questions from all classes. Well done girls.

Our sincere thanks to Professor O'Neill for joining us and congratulations to Ms Brennan for an amazing start to STEAM term.

On Friday, 15th January, Louisa Needham spoke with us about the Brain. A really fantastic discussion and again some super questions from all classes.

On Monday 18th January, Ms Brennan set everyone an 'engineering' building challenge! She took us through types of buildings, structures and what they are constructed with and how.... take a look at the photo's below to see some of our amazing constructions!

Friday 22nd January we had a truly inspiring presentation from and discussion with Liz McKeever who is part of the company Wolfhound & Elk. They are an Irish clothing company that designs & manufactures bespoke performance sportswear in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible fashion. Liz explained to us how they make sports tops from six plastic bottles!!!

On Wednesday 27th January for our first 'Arts' assembly, we were joined by renowned artist Maser. Formally a graffiti writer, Maser is now one of Irelands most influential graphic artists with countless private pieces in studio as well as many public mural’s and installations you may have seen around the city. And what an inspiring discussion we had. Such an interesting man who explained not only his varied and wonderful career path but also reminded us that we should pursue in life what makes us really happy! Excellent questions once again from all our students.

Friday 29th January - Ms Brennan set us all another challenge.... 'build you own waterslide!'. What fun.... check out the creations below!

Monday 1st February began with an inspiring talk from Luke Hosty, also known as Googsi, a photographer and film maker who has decided to use his skills and passions to change the world. Luke has started a company called ‘Protect Blue’ who’s mission is to create measurable impact for life below water. Luke challenged us to think about our own skills and how we can use them like he has. He asked us ‘What is your superpower and how could you use it to make the world a better place?’ Luke is generously sending three of his beautiful photographs to the top three answers in the school.

On Friday 5th it was ‘Dress to Impress’ day! In our fabulous outfits, we were joined by Tara Regan who works with the National Dairy Council. Tara told us all about how milk gets from ‘grass to glass’. She had some fantastic videos which explained how cows get milked in milking parlors and the story of cheese!

Monday 8th February we were joined by Caroline who told us all about the nutritional value of dairy and how it can power our bodies. Then on Wednesday Hugh Kelly from 'Simply Blue Energy' came to our virtual assembly to tell us about his new project .

Simply Blue Energy is an innovative project, focused on building floating platforms stacked with wind turbines to generate renewable energy. The turbines out at Sea are as high as the Eiffel Tower and each one can provide electricity for 12,000 homes.

At assembly on Thursday 11th February, Sinead Murphy who is a consultant psychiatrist, spoke to us about our brain. She explained how our brains are like houses, with an upstairs and a downstairs and who lives in the houses – essentially talking about the functions of the neocortex (thinking brain - upstairs) and the limbic system (the feeling brain - downstairs). She also explained how important it is for us to take 'Brain Breaks' during the day and showed us a 3 minute 'body scan' mediation session which can help us do just that!

Our final week of STEAM term brought more amazing interaction. Firstly we had a great presentation from VET Emma. She told us all about her fabulous career and all the different animals she has worked with.

Ms Brennan set us another challenge, 'The Egg Drop' which was super fun to take part in. See some of our creations below! We saw everyone's video's at assembly on Thursday - so many people were able to drop the egg without it breaking - but there were also a few fails!!!

Our final speaker on Friday was Niamh Wylie. She is a PHD student and lecturer. She told us all about maths in the world around us and had some puzzles and codes for the girls to work out during the presentation.

A truly interactive, fun and challenging STEAM term for everyone.

Huge congratulations to Ms Brennan for her work as STEAM co-ordinator and pulling together an amazing selection of activities and speakers over the last few weeks. Our thanks to our parents STEAM committee also - in particular Denise Meade & Andrea Kelly - and of course to all our speakers.

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