STEAM Term is here.

We may not be in the School building but we are still in School, so its full STEAM ahead!

The amazing Professor Luke O'Neill launched STEAM term on Wednesday, 13th January.

A hugely interactive and enjoyable discussion, Professor O'Neill gave us a fantastic insight into his work, the immune system, Coronavirus and so much more.

Almost 400 students attended the assembly via Zoom and there were truly amazing questions from all classes. Well done girls.

Our sincere thanks to Professor O'Neill for joining us and congratulations to Ms Brennan for an amazing start to STEAM term.

On Friday, 15th January, Louisa Needham spoke with us about the Brain. A really fantastic discussion and again some super questions from all classes.

On Monday 18th January, Ms Brennan set everyone an 'engineering' building challenge! She took us through types of buildings, structures and what they are constructed with and how.... so now everyone needs to build there own!

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