It's full STEAM ahead!

It's full STEAM ahead!

January in MAMJS can only mean one thing, it is STEAM Term again! This year our theme is;

‘Infinite Possibilities’

Our goal is to investigate the infinite possibilities that surround us. Whether it is designing a sustainable city, making a human circuit, or solving a mystery, the opportunities are endless in STEM learning.

We began our term with our first at home STEM task. The challenge was to create a bubble blower or bubble machine using recyclable materials and homemade bubble mixture. Everyone loves bubbles and while any type of bubbles brings a smile to people’s faces,we are sure that the students in Mount Anville could make something that is already great, even better. So far they have not disappointed andwe are very excited to share these inventions with the whole school next Friday.

As well as designing bubble machines, the girls of 6th class have been extremely busy learning all about atoms, electricity and solar energy. They are currently in the process of designing and building a future city that is completely sustainable. They have discussed energy sources, waste disposal, transport, and anything else that is needed to make this carbon neutral utopia. Once their sustainable cities are completed, we will display them around the school but for now, some of their progress is documented below;

It wasn’t only 6th class who were having fun with STEAM this week. On Thursday, Montessori -2nd Class had a super Science Show where they learned about static electricity (sorry Barbie), cola explosions, elephant toothpaste and so much more!

The fun didn’t stop there, 3rd – 6th class were busy solving the crime of the world’s biggest diamond heist! We had to compare fingerprints, test DNA and learned how to spot a fake diamond. We’re thinking of starting our own CSI: Mount Anville!

Our 5th & 6th Class students also received a great insight into life as a physiotherapist when Mum, Jenny Branigan, came to visit them this week.

Jenny taught our senior students all about the three main areas of physiotherapy – cardiorespiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal. Students learned the importance of physiotherapy in helping people to move better and to achieve their activity goals.

We extend our sincere thanks to Jenny, owner of ‘Total Physio’ for offering up her time to help us to learn interesting physiotherapy facts.

We have had a fantastic week and we are excited to see what is instore next week.

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