It's full STEAM ahead!

It's full STEAM ahead!

Our STEAM Term has drawn to a close, and this one has certainly been one to remember!

This year our theme was ‘Infinite Possibilities’

On Tuesday 7th February we were joined by Dr. Ashfin Nasoodi, who is a radiologist and works in several hospitals across Ireland. He came to assembly to tell us all about Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who discovered the X-ray accidentally late one evening. The first X-ray photograph he took was of his wife’s hand, it became the most famous photo in history. Dr. Nasoodi also told us about his job and what he does day-to-day. We learned the difference between a radiologist and a radiographer and the different scans that can be used to diagnose different problems. Thank you for your time, Dr. Nasoodi!

On Friday 10th it was finally time for or Zipline challenge to be shared with the whole school. In the end Ms Brennan received nearly ninety amazing ziplines from almost every class in the school. There were some amazing engineers and scientists in the group as well as wonderful artists and even some health and safety officers. The challenge was a huge success and really demonstrated our amazing STEAM knowledge in MAMJS.

On Friday we also had our final Science fair where we put all of our scientists to the test. Classes had a stand where they displayed a project or experiment that they had completed. Every class came to visit and learned a lot as well as having a great time. Thank you to all of our Scientists and helpers for our Science Fair, it was a huge success and a great way to sum up all of the amazing work we have done over the last five weeks of STEAM Term!

As we reflect on a fabulous STEAM Term, it is the perfect opportunity to look back on everything, we have learned. From static electricity, to forensic science, from density to chromatography and from bubble machines to ziplines, we have really broadened our minds and challenged our understanding of the world around us. I think we can safely say that the world of STEAM is overflowing with ‘Infinite Possibilities’. Thank you, all of the students, in MAMJS for your hard work, thank you to the staff and teachers for your help and cooperation, thank you to our speakers and volunteers for your time and energy and most importantly, thank you to Barbara Spollen and Sinead Keary for making it all possible.

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