About Us

About Us


Mount Anville

Our school was founded by the society of the Sacred Heart and its origin dates from 1865. Mount Anville Junior School is a thriving catholic school with over 450 students.

About Us

Heritage and Horizon

Sacred Heart education seeks to develop the whole person as a responsible member of society, confident of personal worth, actively living out Christ’s call to know, and share His Love.

MAMJS, a Sacred Heart school aims to provide the environment for development in every sphere, spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual, artistic and moral.

Heritage and Horizon

Our Vision

The Sacred Heart founder, Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat’s philosophy focuses on the education of the ‘whole person’. In Mount Anville we promote and foster the development of each individual child. The images and words express our school and spirit and the values that we hold dear for our students

Sacred Heart Goals
We Believe
A Living Faith in God
We are Unique
Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
We Learn
A deep respect for intellectual values
We Work Together
Building of community as a Christian Value
Social Awareness
We Care
A social awareness which impels to action

Kindness Code

Be positive strong leaders, your actions and opinions make an impact

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated

Accept people as they are

Show kindness and respect for everybody

Stand up for what is right

Be an active listener, be interested

Feel free to express your culture and faith,

Enjoy learning about others

Take the initiative and make the first move to

Welcome and include everyone

Be sensitive and positive

Always try hard, do your best