Sports at Mount Anville

Sports at Mount Anville

Sport and physical activity is an integral component of life at Mount Anville Montessori Junior School, and all pupils are encouraged to develop their talents and participate to the full.

Inclusion, participation and enjoyment are the underlying principles of the school’s “sport for all” ethos, which is designed to offer all pupils a richness of opportunity and the chance to discover new skills. A varied range of physical activities contributes to the rounded education pupils receive at Mount Anville.

Above all, the school’s PE and sports curriculum allows pupils to learn and have fun in an environment that provides open and fair opportunity for all.

Mount Anville Montessori Junior School offers excellent on-site sporting facilities and a dedicated team of specialist PE and Sport teachers who provide expert coaching in a wide variety of team and individual sports. The greatest possible opportunity is provided for all our girls to represent the school in competitive fixtures.

Many pupils achieve county, national or international representative honours and the school is rightly proud of its numerous successes in county, regional and national competitions in both team and individual sports.

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PE - Montessori

The aims of our PE curriculum are to promote the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of each child. To develop positive personal qualities, to develop an appreciation of movement and to promote the enjoyment of, and positive attitudes towards, physical activity and its contribution to lifelong health-related fitness.

PE - Montessori

PE- Junior

Our broad objectives during our scheduled weekly PE classes are social and personal development, physical and motor development, knowledge and understanding, creative and aesthetic development, development of health-related fitness and development of safety.

PE- Junior

Areas covered during scheduled weekly PE classes include:

  • Athletics 
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Outdoor adventure activities
  • Games

Competitive sport

We have a sport for all ethos here at Mount Anville but we also recognise the benefits that competitive sport can bring to our school. Therefore, prior to graduating from 6th class every girl will have had the opportunity to represent the school in a competitive match environment. We are very proud of our sporting achievements and we have won
several cups, trophies and medals in a wide variety of sports such as athletics, basketball, cross country, GAA, golf, hockey, spike ball, swimming and tennis.

Competitive sport
Morning SportsAfterschool SportsTimes

All 3rd to 6th classes have one morning sport session each week. This is a great way to start the day and girls head to class wide awake and full of energy. Morning sport is covered by school fees so there is no additional cost for this activity.
All 3rd to 6th classes have at least one after school sport session each week provided by our PE and sport specialist’s teachers. We also develop links with outside sports clubs and they provide us with additional coaches throughout the year. Additional after school sport is covered for by school fees and there is no further cost for these activities. Morning sports take place from 8AM - 8:45AM

Have fun with Sport

Get Active and get involved with one of our many different sporting actives we offer at Mount Anville.