Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees



Preparatory Senior - 6th Class €5,950
This includes;
Early Morning Care 8am - 8.50am for all pupils
Early Morning Sport and After School Sport- 3rd - 6th Class
Early Morning Language Programme -3rd - 6th Class
Language Programme - Prep Senior - 2nd class-during school day,
Early Morning Choir and Orchestra and Percussion Band 
Lunchtime Junior Choir, Little Voices & Percussion Band 
Specialised P.E. Music and Drama Teachers
Montessori Junior and Montessori Senior 2½-4years€3,450
This includes;
Early Morning Care 8am - 8.50am
Specialised P.E. & Music Teachers
Preparatory Junior€4,100
This includes;
Early Morning Care 8am - 8.50am
Specialised P.E. & Music Teachers
Afterschool Care
Aftercare for morning only pupils:
12:30pm - 3pm€20 per Day
12:30pm - 4pm€25 per Day
12:30pm - 5pm€30 per Day
Supervised Study / Homework Club
3pm - 4pm€250 Full Year
After Study Supervision
4pm - 5pm€6 per Hour

Fees are payable by the following method:

  • Twice yearly by Direct Debit Mandate on the 3rd September and 3rd February
  • By cheque, on or before the 26th August
  • Fees can be paid online through Easy Payments Plus by 2, 4 or 9 instalments over the academic year by Debit Card only.


Other Terms & Conditions

 There is a reduction of €1,000 a year for the third student.

  • A parent paying by cheque must pay fees for the full year in advance.
  • No reduction can be made for temporary absence.
  • A term's notice in writing, is required before a student leaves the school, otherwise liability for the fees for the following term is incurred.