‘Maths Eyes’ Photo Competition

  • The Categories: competition will run in three age categories:
  • Category 1: Age 7 and under (on 31st August 2019)
  • Category 2: Age 11 and under (on 31st August 2019)
  • Category 3: Age 14 and under (on 31st August 2019)

We will run a ‘Mount Anville Maths Eyes’ competition, where a selection of successful photos (from each category) will then be submitted to the national competition.

  • The Task:
    • Pupils are required to take a photo of anything that they can see through their ‘Maths Eyes’, e.g. a pattern, various angles, an object broken into fractions, shapes in our environment, etc.
    • A video clip containing further information and examples can be found on http://www.haveyougotmathseyes.com/.
  • Tagline:
    • Pupils must include a ‘tagline’ with their image that would encourage others to use their ‘Maths Eyes’. E.g. you could ask a question such as ‘Can you see more than 2 lines of symmetry in this object?’ or ‘What 2D shapes can you find?
    • Taglines are expected to be age appropriate, so a question that makes sense to the child is most important to encourage mathematical learning.
  • Submission:
  • The photo can be printed, including your tagline, and submitted in school (max. A4 size).
  • Please include your name, class and age category on the back of the photo. The entries will be collected daily from each class.
  • Please save your photo on to your computer/on to a USB key – if your entry is successfully submitted to the national ‘Maths Eyes’ competition, they will require a high quality, soft copy of your image.