Maths Week @ Mount Anville Montessori Junior School

During Maths Week (14th - 18th October) we will take a closer look at the world through our ‘Maths Eyes’. Pupils will complete a variety of activities throughout the school week that encourages them to see the world through a numerical lens. We aim to recognise how Maths is all around us; from waking up to our alarm clock to following road maps and shopping!

Details of our ‘Maths Eyes’ photo competition as well as the online ‘Ninja Challenge’, that we, as a school will be participating in, can be found in each detailed section. We have also attached some useful numeracy website links that contain various pupil-friendly resources and activities.

Our website will contain updates of the week’s activities and our daily challenges will be emailed home every day, to encourage our school community to think mathematically. Keep your ‘Maths Eyes’ peeled!