ESB Science Blast

ESB Science Blast

6th Class recently participated in the annual ESB Science Blast. This is usually held in the RDS each year but obviously this year was a little different as it was undertaken remotely. Please see a piece by some of the girls below which explains the project and the outcome!

Huge congratulations to our 6th class students, Ms Marina and Ms Lambert for their participation and achievement.

ESB Science Blast

Recently, sixth class participated in the ESB Science Blast 2021. The project was titled ‘How Outside Influences Affect our Mental Health’. We began preparation online at the beginning of March, we were split into groups and researched sub-topics under the area of neuroscience. We decided to do this topic because it is very current and has affected numerous lives and will continue to do so. The sub-topics were as follows: The Study of Neuroscience; How Lockdown Affected our Human Relationships; How Music Affects our Mood; How Social Media Affects our Mental Health; How Home-schooling Affected Children’s Mental health; and How a Healthy Diet and Mindfulness can Affect our Mental Health. We then had an introductory group who summarised the project. The judge, Alan Bedford, came onto a Team’s call with us and asked us questions. A week later he came back and told us he was impressed with us and congratulated us about our projects and technical skills. We won an award for our hard work, team work, and enthusiasm.

By Heidi Kelly, Julia Somers, Zoe Dunne and Amy K.

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