Lots on this week...

Heather Scott came in to speak to the girls about art and science. She told us about her research in stained glass windows and showed us many windows she has studied over the years. Heather also explained to us that art can tell us about how our climate is changing.

She showed us paintings of a large glacier in the alps which no longer exists. She also compared paintings of Venice to modern photographs which showed how the water level has risen significantly in the town.

The Cool Planet Experience team are in to workshop lots of different ideas with us. Some of our Montessori Boys and Girls made their own Greenhouses. We will watch over the next few weeks how their seeds grow...

Meanwhile our Preparatory classes took part in a hands on investigation into producing plastic free edible water bottles (as used in the London Marathon last year)… a possible solution to the worldwide plastic problem!

4th & 5th class girls created their own 'spinner's' using solar power and a version using batteries. They learned all about creating circuits...….

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